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Patients assigned lớn the " generalized eating disorder " cluster were rated as having more severe symptoms in almost every respect except weight.
Rate of taper could be slowed once for every 3-day decrement if re-emergent symptoms were too severe for patients lớn go on.
Assessing the larger numbers of women suffering severe maternal morbidity would vastly increase their workload.
Patients suffering from systemic diseases, referred pain, or severe biomedical or psychiatric disorders were excluded.
It is also not quality in suffering high levels of air and water pollution & facing severe threats khổng lồ its biological resources.
A second empirical problem is presented by patients with severe aphasia, who can carry out numerous complex tasks.
He found that if patients maintained independence to make transfers & to dress, even though their dementia was severe, they could maintain continence.
Furthermore, we could not assess seasonal variations in less severe forms of health services used such as emergency department or physician visits.
Virtually all patients with primary autonomic failure are found at postmortem to lớn have severe loss of intermedio-lateral column cells.
Therefore, we can hypothesize that severe droughts induce leaf shedding & flushing in the tropical rain forest.
In the same way, high-rent streets were rarely of high density, & severe crowding (two or more persons per room) was rare among highrent households.
Assessing unique of life in persons with severe neurological disability associated with multiple sclerosis : the psychometric evaluation of two quality of life measures.
Severe adverse events may occur more frequently in patients treated with peginterferon plus ribavirin than in patients treated with interferon plus ribavirin (18;32).
During simulated ischemia, severe neurotoxicity occurs & is diminished by enzymatic degeneration of extracellular glutamate or by blockade of glutamate release.
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