(formal) to lớn see or notice somebody/something observe somebody/something Have you observed any changes lately?All the characters in the novel are closely observed (= seem like people in real life).I want you khổng lồ observe all the details.The patterns observed in our study may represent a general rule. Observe somebody/something vị something The police observed a man enter the bank. Observe somebody/something doing something They observed him entering the bank. Observe that… She observed that all the chairs were already occupied. Be observed to do something He was observed to lớn follow her closely. This pattern is only used in the passive.

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Synonyms commentcommentnoteremarkobserveThese words all mean lớn say or write a fact or opinion.comment to express an opinion or give facts about something:He refused to bình luận until after the trial.note (rather formal) lớn mention something because it is important or interesting:He noted in passing that the company’s record on safety issues was not good.remark khổng lồ say or write what you have noticed about a situation:Critics remarked that the play was not original.observe (formal) to say or write what you have noticed about a situation:She observed that it was getting late. Comment, remark or observe?If you phản hồi on something you say something about it; if you remark on something or observe something, you say something about it that you have noticed: there is often not much difference between the three. However, while you can refuse to bình luận (without on), you cannot ‘refuse to remark’ or ‘refuse khổng lồ observe’ (without on): He refused to remark/​observe until after the trial. Patternsto comment/​note/​remark/​observe that…to comment on/​note/​remark/​observe how…to comment/​remark on somethingto comment/​remark/​observe lớn somebody‘It’s long,’ he commented/​noted/​remarked/​observed.
Synonyms noticenoticenotedetectobservewitnessThese words all mean to see something, especially when you pay careful attention to lớn it.notice to see, hear or become aware of somebody/​something; to pay attention to somebody/​something:The first thing I noticed about the room was the smell.note (rather formal) lớn notice or pay careful attention khổng lồ something:Please note (that) the office will be closed on Monday. This word is very common in business English: chú ý that the prices are inclusive of VAT. Detect to lớn discover or notice something, especially something that is not easy to see, hear, etc:The tests are designed khổng lồ detect the disease early.observe (formal) lớn see or notice somebody/​something:Have you observed any changes lately?The police observed a man enter the bank.witness (rather formal) khổng lồ see something happen:Police have appealed for anyone who witnessed the incident to tương tác them.Patternsto notice/​note/​detect/​observe that/​how/​what/​where/​who…to notice/​observe/​witness something happen/​somebody vày something
Extra ExamplesIt is the parents who actually observe these behavioural problems in their children.She correctly observed that there was very little difference between the two parties on domestic policies.This behaviour is commonly observed among several species of finch.
Oxford Collocations Dictionaryadverbcarefullycloselyprecisely…verb + observebe able tobe possible tobe difficult to…prepositionamongforfrom…phrasesbe commonly observedbe frequently observedbe widely observed
(formal) to lớn watch somebody/something carefully, especially to lớn learn more about them synonym monitorHe observes keenly, but says little. Observe somebody/something I felt he was observing everything I did.The patients were observed over a period of several months.an observed decrease in rainfall in the areaThe program provided an opportunity lớn observe the effects of treatment. The cells were observed under a microscope. Observe somebody/something for something The patient should be observed for signs of an allergic reaction. Observe how, what, etc… They observed how the parts of the machine fitted together.
Synonyms looklookwatchseeviewobserveThese words all mean khổng lồ turn your eyes in a particular direction.look khổng lồ turn your eyes in a particular direction:If you look carefully you can just see our house from here.She looked at me and smiled.watch lớn look at somebody/​something for a time, paying attention lớn what happens:to watch televisionWatch what I do, then you try.see lớn watch a game, television programme, performance, etc.:In the evening we went to see a movie.view (formal) to look at something, especially when you look carefully; khổng lồ watch television, a film, etc.:People came from all over the world khổng lồ view her work. Watch, see or view?You can see/​view a film/​programme but you cannot: see/​view television. View is more formal than see và is used especially in business contexts.observe (formal) lớn watch somebody/​something carefully, especially to lớn learn more about them or it:The patients were observed over a period of several months.Patternsto look/​watch for somebody/​somethingto watch/​observe what/​who/​how…to look/​watch/​view/​observe (somebody/​something) with amazement/​surprise/​disapproval, etc.to watch/​see/​view a film/​show/​programmeto watch/​see a match/​game/​fightto look (at somebody/​something)/watch (somebody/​something)/observe somebody/​something carefully/​closely
Extra ExamplesYou can learn a lot by simply observing.She was unaware that she was being observed from the window.It is interesting to observe the reaction of the children to these changes.She stood there, quietly observing the domestic scene.
Oxford Collocations Dictionaryadverbcarefullycloselyprecisely…verb + observebe able tobe possible tobe difficult to…prepositionamongforfrom…phrasesbe commonly observedbe frequently observedbe widely observed observe that… | + speech (formal) khổng lồ make a remark synonym commentShe observed that it was getting late.
Extra Examples‘It"s easy to say that,’ she observed to Michael, ‘but can you prove it?’‘You took your time, ’ he observed coolly.The only certainties in this world, as Benjamin Franklin famously observed, are death & taxes.The Area Manager observed that takings were down và decided khổng lồ pay a visit.
Oxford Collocations Dictionaryadverbastutelycorrectlykeenly…preposition observe something lớn obey rules, laws, etc.Will the rebels observe the ceasefire?The crowd observed a minute"s silence (= were silent for one minute) in memory of those who had died.
Extra ExamplesFailure khổng lồ observe club rules may result in expulsion.This procedure must be correctly observed.
Oxford Collocations Dictionaryadverbcorrectlyfaithfullyscrupulously…verb + observefail tophrases observe something (formal) lớn celebrate festivals, birthdays, etc.

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Word Originlate Middle English (in sense (5)): from Old French observer, from Latin observare ‘to watch’, from ob- ‘towards’ + servare ‘attend to, look at’.
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