A leftover part of something is the part that has not been used or eaten when the other parts have been:

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và there"s climate change -- burning all this leftover oil could lock the world into dangerous warming.
Some farmers use that leftover manure -- which is especially high in phosphorus, an important nutrient for plant growth -- on their fields.
Every single day of every month there is something different lớn eat, with one or two days a month built in for leftovers.
and apparently, if the leftover liquid is treated with enough citric acid, it"s neutralized và rendered safe enough to lớn pour over a garden.
It is visible in the tear-crusted eyes of fellow commuters, the caw of eagles through valleys, the leftover crusts of food on a plate.
Troops are leaving a bounty of leftovers as they exit the country this month, abandoning dining-hall tables and chairs, tents, air conditioners and old vehicles.
The plants all looked neglected, as though they had been leftovers from a year that had long passed.
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