BAKLAVA:TRAILER 02, 2007 / 2011*

BAKLAVA, 2007 / 2011*, 106 min.,

narrative feature

Banned in Bulgaria under accusations of promoting drug use, pornography and homosexuality, the commotion generated by “Baklava” led to an investigation of the Bulgarian government and an impending trial against the director and producer Alexo Petrov. But beyond all the internet buzz, political ruckus and conservative outcries, Baklava’s real aim is to depict the creepy life and dangerous living conditions of Bulgarian orphans and abandoned children, through the story of two brothers reunited in a hunt for a mysterious buried treasure.

*Baklava was offcially finished in 2007, but remained banned in Bulgaria untill 2011, when participated in the National Film Festival Golden Rose” – read more here>

Read More about the movie at Baklava : Official website

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